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Ronaldo Jewelry Victoria™ Ring

Ronaldo Jewelry Victoria™ Ring

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The Victoria Ring was created from beautiful Sterling Silver and 14K Gold artist wire. It has exquisite deep-cut etching; this is a perfect choice for those who love unusual Silver jewelry.

The Victoria Ring is created from beautiful Sterling Silver. It has exquisite deep cut etching, surrounded by 2 strands of flat 14K Gold artist wire, and is finished by a single diamond cut wire. This design from Ronaldo’s Limited Edition Series.

The name Victoria means royalty and has been several Queens’ Name’s. It is no secret That the Victoria has been one of Ronaldo’s top selling items for many years.

Each piece of Ronaldo Designer Jewelry is created from beautiful .925 sterling silver and 14kt gold artist wire and is thoughtfully designed to tell a store and help you tell your story.

*Made in the USA*