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The Anne-Paige Story

Anne-Paige opened its doors in Gore, Oklahoma during the Summer of 2009. I had been designing jewelry for nearly a decade, always holding dear the dream of opening a storefront. My parents were entrepreneurs, and the passion for giving great customer service and retail were in my blood. A lot of people told me I was crazy to buy a 100-year-old building with 3,200 square feet, and in Gore of all places! Crazy or not, I've been blessed with incredible customers like you that allow me to live out my dream every day since. 

Anne is my middle name, Paige is my daughter's - so though you won't meet Anne-Paige on your visit to the shop, you're sure to meet at least a few of the special people that keep her thriving by my side: Nanny (my mother, Paula), Madison and Tammie.

Ten years and countless stories later, Anne-Paige has become a shopping destination for girls trips, lake lovers and locals alike. And there is no end in sight. 

Have a great day!

Creator, Owner, Dreamer | Anne-Paige