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Natural Life Fearless Trinket Dish - Oh My Darling
Natural Life Fearless Trinket Dish - Oh My Darling

Natural Life Fearless Trinket Dish - Oh My Darling

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We LOVE to make small treasures with a big meaning... after all, it's the little things that mean the most! This Fearless Trinket Dish is such an encouraging and comforting gift to give to your loved ones. Surprise them with this beautiful, hand-molded dish, complete with floral artwork and a blue rim. It has "Oh my darling, beautiful things things have dents and scratches too." in the center, so that they'll be reminded of your support and love! This unique, ceramic trinket dish is perfect for holding little treasures from dainty jewelry to spare coins!



FEARLESS Giveback Collection

Anxiety is REAL and so much more common than you think! We need to all help reduce the stigma of mental illnesses and talk about it like we do physical illnesses…so people can be comfortable getting diagnosed and seeking help. Once a person accepts that they have anxiety and begins the healing process, they become FEARLESS! 

This item is part of our FEARLESS Giveback Collection that we created to help educate, empower, and reduce the stigma of anxiety disorders. A portion of the proceeds from this collection support Jack Mental Health Advocacy, a nonprofit created to change the way anxiety sufferers and their families navigate the challenges of mental illness, fight stigma, and obtain quality education, support, and treatment. To learn more about anxiety and how to get help for yourself or someone you love, visit our FEARLESS Resource Page here!

Product Details

Hand-molded trinket dish


Not For Food Use


Designed with love by Natural Life in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida


Product Measurements

Dimensions: 3in L x 3in W