Ronaldo Jewelry The Rome™ Bracelet

Ronaldo Jewelry The Rome™ Bracelet

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Ronaldo spent over three months planning and developing The Rome. The latch is taken from the Phoenician era, 4000 years old, very seldom seen, even in historical museums. Then, Ronaldo developed the ¾ inch-wide silver bar which is a montage of Victorian design. Great parts of Old Europe have been blended into a romantic composite design. The mathematics involved were enormous, calculating stress factors for combinations of six strands of 14K Gold artist wire to accent the sides of the bracelet with a pressure-point release consisting of a step-down to a 7/8” latch and supporting brace wraps.

This is, without question, the very best value of Ronaldo’s entire collection. To date, fewer than 200 have been made.  When we hear of Rome we think of what might have been the one-time center of the world, a civilization built for the people. When Ronaldo created “The Rome,” he did it for his own pleasure. The Rome is a career defining piece of pure art, imagination, and intrigue.

*Made in the USA*